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Naming ceremony of Rishav Nikesh, son of Vinduja & Nikhesh Kunnathodi Suresh (I&M-CNDT, Qatar) was held on 11/2/2024 at Pattambi, Palakad, Kerala
Naming ceremony
Congratulations and happy married life to Dharsana Unnikrishnan and Jeevraj C. Rajeev (ONE-AUS, HO) who got married on Sunday, 4th Feb at SAJ International, Karalam, Thrissur.
Congratulations to Vamika Arun, daughter of Athira Arun and Arun Kumar Madanan (I&M-RA, HO) who celebrated her first birthday recently at Vallikunnam, Alappuzha.
1st birthday
Congratulations to Gopika Chandran and Rahul who got engaged on 26th Jan at Trivandrum. Gopika is the daughter of Jayachandran Nair R. S. (Aries Plex).
Congratulations and happy married life to Amritha Gopalakrishnan Nair (Admin – Accounts, Punalur) and Sethu Ganesan (I&M-AIIS, HO) who got married on Sunday, 4th Feb 2024 at punalur
On behalf of Kerala Management Association Sri. Shashi Tharoor honored Sir Sohan Roy S.K., Founder and CEO of Aries Group of Companies. Sri. Shashi Tharoor
Kerala Management Association conference
An interactive session with Mr. Emanuele Grimaldi - Chairman - International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), President & Managing Director - Grimaldi Euromed S.p.A. was held during the event
Interactive session
Congratulations and happy married life to Thara V. N. (COMN-Receivables, Punalur) and Sajayan who got married on 22nd Jan. at PSCB Conference Hall, Kalayanadu, Plachery
Congratulations and happy married life to Sneha Rani R. and Rahul S.R. (COMN-Graphics, Punalur) who got married on 21st Jan. at Sanjos Convention Center, Ettumanoor.
Congratulations to Fathima Sithara Sathar (COMN- Software, Punalur) and Shaheer who got engaged on Sunday, 21st Jan at Punalur.



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