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Congratulations to Sujan & Swapnil Kumar Jamdade (I&M- CNDT, Qatar) who got married on 14th July at Tasgaon, Maharashtra
Congratulations and happy married life to Avani Sreenath and Sreenath Palariveliyil Venu (I&M – RA,Sharjah) who got married on 16th June at North Paravur
Acclaimed Professional and TEDx Speaker Lakshmi Atul Launches Debut Book as part of AIMRI’s Innovative Professional Biography Project
Book Launch
Congratulations to Anusree and Yuvaraj Murugesan (ONE-DN, Kochi) who got engaged on Sunday 7th July at Vivaaha Hall, Palani.
Rishav Nikhesh is the cute son of Vinduja and Nikhesh K. Sureshkumar (I&M-CNDT, Qatar). Rishav had his Choroonu ceremony recently at Mukkarathikavu Temple. God bless, little one
Choroonu ceremony
Naming ceremony of Jaanki Garishma Akhil, daughter of Garishma Akhil and Akhil Satheesh (Deputy VP - Non Marine Divisions) was held recently. God bless, little Jaanki!
Naming Ceremony
Congratulations to Athira M. (Admin-Kochi) and Hari who got engaged on 16th June 2024 at Pattambi, Palakkad
Congratulations Ann who got married with Ligin Baisil (I&M, RA, Qatar) on 26th June at St. Antony’s church Vaddy, Kollam



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The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Walter Bagehot.

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Don't skip breakfast

Studies show that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most positive things you can do if you are trying to lose weight. Breakfast skippers tend to gain weight. A balanced breakfast includes fresh fruit or fruit juice, a high-fibre breakfast cereal, low-fat milk or yoghurt, wholewheat toast, and a boiled egg.